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About Dev,
The Artist & GH4O4S4T 

Dev is an abstract digital artist whose work centers around the intersection of art and technology. Using a combination of art techniques, digital media & programing, Dev blurs the lines between the physical and the virtual. His work, which often relates to the world of NFTs and its underlying technology, invites viewers to explore the ways in which the digital age is changing the way we think about Art, ownership and identity.

Dev is fascinated by the possibilities of NFTs and generative art. With his background in screen printing, Dev is excited to bring a fresh perspective to the field of generative art by using his knowledge of traditional printmaking techniques and visual art to inform his work and explore new technology. Additionally, Dev is eager to use his programming skills in the process to create generative algorithms that produce unique, one-of-a-kind prints.


NFTs are a new and growing area in digital art that Dev is looking forward to explore as well. With NFTs, Dev will be able to create digital artworks that are unique, one-of-a-kind, and verifiable, which opens up new possibilities for ownership, trading, and collecting digital art. He believes that his skills in both screen printing and programming will be useful in creating interesting, new digital artworks that use the technology behind NFTs to create truly unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Dev is looking forward to creating something unique and exciting and can't wait to see where his interest and skills will take him.

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